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Confidence that your vehicles are protected all year round.

Underfloor and cavity waxing and corrosion prevention

The advantages of vehicle waxing, corrosion prevention and protection are many, not least because it gives you, the operator, the confidence that your vehicles are protected from the harsh and demanding weather conditions throughout the year.

CME Fleet Support use specialist underseal products from Dinitrol, and have invested in a waxing facility in Bilsthorpe. These facilities, including eight industrial vehicle lift systems, allow us to complete a comprehensive and penetrating underseal treatment of any vehicle. From buses and coaches, to military vehicles in service with the British Army, to off-road vehicles and even limousines, we can provide the vehicle waxing programme to suit all your needs.

All waxing operations are scrutinised for environmental safety and all our hazardous materials and waste products are disposed of safely. All containers and waste products are disposed of with a track and trace system, so you can be confident that your corrosion prevention programme can be carried out while your environmental credentials remain intact.

We're available to discuss vehicle waxing and its benefits with you at any time. Contact us today to find out how we can help, and give you the peace of mind that your vehicles are protected from the British winter ... and summer!